Pioneer Cup

From May 24, 2024 10:00 until May 28, 2024
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Pioneers Cup


24-28.05.2024 it is planned to hold the Pioneers Cup 2024, competitions in the sport of ultra-light aviation in the discipline of paragliding - route flight. 

The competition is held on a mobile paradrome near the village of Yamki, Volosovsky  district, Leningrad region. Yamki flying field is located in the Volosovsky district of the Leningrad region, famous for its records and record flights
The field is adjacent to several natural triggers such as the village of Yamki, Vruda village, sawmill, railway platform and sand quarry that makes it one of the most exciting near St. Petersburg.It is possible to introduce additional starting sites during the competition.

The Pioneer Cup, which is an unofficial, fan competition, is open to pilots at least 16 years of age, without a sport category, with winch puff experience and experience in solo flying. Raffles:

  • - Overall standings (fan)
  • - Women's standings (fan)
  • - Juniors (Fun), for pilots under 27 years old
  • - Pioneer, for pilots with no more than 2 route competitions experience
  • - Team Pioneer if at least 5 teams are recruited. The team is not more than 4 athletes. The best 2 results in each event are counted for the team.

Starting fee for each pilot:

  • 100€ - up to and including April 15
  • 120€ - from April 16 to May 12 inclusive
  • 140€ - from May 13 until the end of registration on May 24.
There is also an additional mandatory winch fee of 40€. Unlimited number of puffs on all competition days except warm-up day
To obtain Confirmed status, you only need to pay 50% of the entry fee and the remaining amount can be paid at registration, directly at HQ

In case of refusal to participate in the competition without a valid reason, the following system of penalties is provided (from the starting fee excluding winch fee)
  • For up to 2 weeks the starting fee is refunded in full
  • For less than 2 weeks 10%
  • For less than 1 week 20%
  • For less than 3 days 50%
  • On the eve of the competition the fee is not refunded

The starting fee includes:
- handouts (commemorative T-shirt, etc)
- pick up from the route 
- prizes
- scoring 
- closing party 
- weather support
- task setting 
- work of the rescue team
- work of medical staff
- daily lunchpack 
- work of the judging team and the credentials committee
- work on coordination of the IWP, creation, installation and removal of the regime over the territory of  holding the competitions.

Accommodation and meals for participants

    • - Participants are accommodated in their own tents in an equipped camp adjacent to the paradrome of Yamka. The camp has electricity, toilets, hot showers, wifi, canteen. Supply in the camp is 2.50   per day for a tent and 1.50  per day for each person.
    • - Hotel Nairi in Volosovo, 17a Krasnykh Kommandarov St. (30 minutes from the field) 
    • - Hotels in Pushkin (1.5 hours from the field)

Participants may reside in any other locations, traveling independently to the competition site each day.

- In the camp will be carried out meals for athletes (breakfast, dinner) for a fee: breakfast + dinner - season ticket for 5 days - 30 . You can pay separately for breakfast - 3  and dinner - 4 .

-The organizers provide the participants with drinking water and dry rations for the day of the competition.

The pick up will be a combination : 1 minibus is allocated, plus volunteers will work for a fee.

Competition Program

May 23 from 09-00 to 21-00 - arrival, accommodation in hotels and tent camp. Registration of participants. Training day. Training is carried out in the presence of weather from 11 to 18 hours. The cost of puffing on the training day 6 .

- May 24 from 8-00 to 10-00 - registration of participants. Athletes who have not had time to register and pay entry fees before 10-00 on May 24, are not allowed to participate in the competition, except in cases previously agreed with the organizers.

- May 24 - May 28 at 10-30 - pre-flight briefing, mission statement.

- May 24 - May 27 from 11-00 to 18-00 - flights according to the competition program. May 28 - shortened day, flights on the program of competitions will be carried out until 14-00.

- May 24 - May 27 from 18-00 to 22-00 - GPS control. On May 28 GPS control will be carried out until 15-30.

- May 28  - 18-00 - closing of the competition and awarding of participants, held in the camp of the competition on completion of the calculation of results.


ROO "Sport Federation of Ultra-Light Aviation Sport of Leningrad Region".

Contacts of the competition organizers:



+79219413075 Lozovoy Artyom - chief organizer of the competition

+79119917681 Maria Grigorieva - organizer's assistant

+79317011330 Svetlana Bogdanova - competition administrator


Maximum number of pilots of all nationalities allowed: 60

Maximum number of foreign pilots allowed: 30

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