SkyStream Accuracy Cup 2024 - paraglider landing accuracy

From May 17, 2024 09:00 until May 20, 2024 19:00
Categories: Accuracy

«SkyStream Accuracy Cup 2024» - Чемпионат Северо-Западного федерального округа по спорту сверхлёгкой авиации, дисциплина: параплан-точность приземления


On 17-20.05.2024 it is planned to hold SkyStream Accuracy Cup 2024, a competition in the sport of ultra-light aviation in the discipline of paragliding - landing accuracy. Within the framework of the competition the Championship of the North-West Federal District and the Championship of the Leningrad Region will be held.

Competitions are held at the mobile paradrome in the area of the village of Villozi. Villozi, Lomonosov district, Leningrad region. Reserve place, Yamki paradrome, Volosovsky  district, Leningrad region.

The SkyStream Accuracy Cup, which is an unofficial, fan-based competition, is open to pilots at least 16 years of age, without a sport rating, with winch puff experience and experience flying solo. Raffles:

-Overall standings (fan)

- Women's standings (fan)

- Juniors (Fun), for pilots under 27 years old

- Team scoring (fun), if there are at least three teams formed on a voluntary basis. Team composition up to 3 people, scoring for all.

The championship of the North-West Federal District is open to athletes from the regions of the North-West Federal District, not younger than 18 years of age, having at least II sport category.

Played out:

-Overall standings,

- Team classification, if there are applications from at least three regions of the NWFD. Team up to 4 persons, scoring by two.

In the championship of the Leningrad region take part athletes LO, not younger than 16 years old, having at least III sports category.

Played out:

- Overall standings,

- Women's standings.

Maximum number of rounds - 7. When more than four rounds are played, the worst result  of each athlete at the end of all the rounds played does not count towards his final result

Starting fee for each pilot:

5500 rub - until April 20 inclusive

6500 rub - until May 17 inclusive

7500 rub - until registration closes on May 18.

300 rub - fine for those who have not registered on the website

300 rub. - tightening on the winch on a training day

The start fee is spent by the organizers on preparation of competition venues, handouts, operation of winch complexes, medical team, award attributes, closing ceremony.

Stretches on a training day are charged separately, or on a season ticket.

Competition Program

  • - May 17 - arrival of participants to the competition venue, registration of participants (work of credentials and technical commissions), training flights for those who passed registration.
  • - May 18 at 9:00 a.m. General Briefing.
  • - May 18 at 9-15 for the opening ceremony of the competition.
  • - May 18-19 9-30 - 18-00 competition flights.
  • - May 20 - reserve day (drawn if no competition day has been drawn).
  • - May 19, 19-00 -  Closing ceremony, awarding of winners.  In case of using the reserve day, the closing ceremony and awarding are postponed to May 20, 19-00.
  • - May 20 is the day of departure.


ROO "Sport Federation of Ultra-Light Aviation Sport of Leningrad Region".

Contacts of the competition organizers:



  • +79219413075 Lozovoy Artyom - chief organizer of the competition
  • +79119917681 Maria Grigorieva - organizer's assistant
  • +79317011330 Svetlana Bogdanova - competition administrator

Maximum number of pilots of all nationalities allowed: 60

Maximum number of foreign pilots allowed: 30